Professional Property Management
Investment opportunities in real estate abound in our area. Many property owners depend upon us for professional, dependable property management.
We know the market and can assist you in current rental valuation and income potential. Before you buy, call Stephanie, we'll go out and give you and honest evaluation of the property you intend to buy!
When you place your property in our hands you can be sure that your investment will be handled with care.
Customized Management... From Placement Services to Total Management
  • Items Performed as Part of Our Management Agreement:
- Collect rents and late fees as designated
  • - We Qualify/Screen Prospective Tenants Based On Their credit (Pay History, Collections, ETC), Past Rental or Mortgage History, Employment Or Verified Income, Civil & Criminal Background.
  • - Detailed Property Reports Performed Before & After Move Ins/Outs.
  • - Perform Escrow Services for: Mortgages, Utilities, Taxes, Insurance, etc.
  • - Bank Deposit Services, Direct Electronic Deposits.
  • - E-mail & Fax services provided
  • - Management fee is charged only on Collected Rents & Late Fees Only, If It's Not Rented We Don't Get Paid!!
  • - Maintenance Issues, Not To Worry, We Have Plumbers To Painters, Available -- -When Necessary, Offering Competitive Quality & Service, Hassle Free!!
  • - Experienced Professional Staff with over 80 years Experience
  • - Minimum Price For Maximum Advertising in several local media, NickelsWorth, Coeur d'Alene Press,  Spokesman Review, C'da Magazine, The Guide To North Idaho, Numerous Feature Ads, The Rental List,  Living Local Magazine, Best of All Our Reputation, All at only $10.00 per week
  • - We handle all matters of eviction and recovery, If Necessary, And Act On your Behalf.
  • - Issue Owner checks & Provide detailed statements On your Account on the 10th of every month
  • - Year end 1099 furnished
  • - Provide An Accumulated, Comprehensive Year End Report at a Nominal Fee.
  • - Handle All Aspects Of Utilities & Security Deposit Refunds To Tenants.
  • - If we haven't listed the service you desire for your rental, it's available!
"The Total Management Firm"
In Coeur d'Alene Call (208) 667-6035 - Ask For Stephanie


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