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Resort Property Management wants to make sure you receive your full security deposit back. We will not charge for normal wear and tear as outlined by state law, however, we must charge for cleaning, damages and excessive filth. Idaho Landlord/Tenant Guidelines state that your security deposit can be used for reasons designated in the lease, such as cleaning or repairs necessary to restore the rental to its condition at the beginning of the tenancy.

To ensure cleaning requirements are met, these cleaning guidelines are recommended.

General Guidelines

  • Blinds and curtains to be cleaned, washed or dry cleaned according to fabric as required
  • Screens to be removed carefully, and cleaned
  • Windows, windowsills and tracks to be vacuumed and cleaned
  • Doors, door frames and tracks cleaned and undamaged
  • Marks to be removed from walls with magic eraser or other similar products
  • Fronts of all cabinets dusted and grease removed
  • All switch plates and outlet covers cleaned of dust and dirt
  • Cobwebs to be removed from ceiling cornices and walls
  • All light fixtures to be cleaned and free from dust, dirt and insects
  • All floors and trim boards to be washed
  • All ceiling fans throughout to be free from dust (if applicable)
  • Clean all mirrors throughout including door mirrors (if applicable)
  • All exhaust fans throughout the property to be cleaned
  • Air vents to be dusted
  • All vertical blind strings to be attached and secure
  • Heating/Cooling filters to be cleaned (if applicable)
  • Do not fill holes in walls left by nails

Specific Guidelines


  • Oven and cooktop cleaned. On electric ranges, lift up and clean under the cook top. Drip trays to be cleaned of all grease.
  • Range hood cleaned including the filters (where applicable)
  • All cupboards cleaned inside and out (don’t forget the tops of the cupboards)
  • Sink taps and disposal unit (if applicable) cleaned and polished
  • Walls and tiled areas to be free from grease
  • Floors to be cleaned and free from dirt and grease (don’t forget the corners)
  • The dishwasher left clean. Wipe over internal door, remove debris from the bottom drainer (if applicable)
  • Microwave cleaned inside and out. If you have an over the oven microwave, clean filter and area underneath microwave
  • Defrost refrigerator and clean all surfaces, including shelves and crisper drawers. Clean behind the refrigerator.


  • Showers/tubs to be scrubbed
  • Grouting to be free of all soap residue and mildew
  • Shower door (if applicable) to be washed and shower screen to be cleaned
  • Mirrors to be cleaned
  • All drawers and cupboards to be cleaned
  • Toilet to be cleaned thoroughly, including bowl, lid, seat, tank, and behind the toilet


  • Washing machine and clothes dryer filter to be cleaned out
  • Clean behind and underneath washer and dryer
  • Clean under laundry tub and clean around drain
  • Cupboards to be cleaned thoroughly inside and out


Carpets are to be professionally cleaned by company that has truck mounted equipment and a carpet receipt produced to our office with the return of the keys.
Please note that if you choose not to use our offices’ recommended carpet cleaners you could be liable to have the carpets recleaned should they not meet our standard of cleanliness.

The following are carpet cleaning companies that are not authorized for units managed by RPM: The Naturalist, Castles and Cottages and Spokane’s Finest.


  • Lawns to be mowed and edges trimmed 2 – 3 days before vacating
  • Flower beds and pebble areas to be weeded
  • No rubbish to be left in the gardens or around the property
  • All pet waste picked up from yard
  • All garbage bins to be emptied and washed cleaned
  • Driveways, carports, garages and any concrete areas to be free from oil and grease stains
  • Garage floor area to be swept and cobwebs removed
  • Cobwebs to be removed from outside eaves, awning and ceilings

Ordinary Wear & Tear (Landlord’s Responsibility)

  • Faded curtains, carpet, & paint
  • Water-stained linoleum by shower
  • Minor marks on or nicks in wall
  • Moderate dirt or spotting on carpet
  • Moderately dirty blinds or curtains
  • Warped cabinet doors
  • Minor marks on or nicks in floors
  • Worn out thermostat on dryer
  • Mineral deposits in the toilets
  • Stains on old porcelain fixtures
  • Black spots on mirrors (de-silver)

Damage & Excessive Filth (Tenant’s Responsibility)

  • Cigarette burns in curtains & carpet
  • Excessive stains or damages to carpet
  • Broken tiles & torn linoleum
  • Excessive wall damage
  • Pet damage to carpets & curtains
  • Missing or broken blinds
  • Sticky cabinets & water damaged interiors
  • Water stains on wood floors
  • Broken dryer or washer
  • Plugged toilets & other plumbing
  • Grime-coated bathtub & toilet
  • Mirrors with makeup or hairspray